Educational Research in the Pandemic

Educational Research in the Pandemic
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Nov 15, 2021
The challenges of education in the wake of the Corona pandemic have also come into focus at DIPF - in projects, lectures and publications.

The DIPF wants to contribute with research, infrastructure offers and knowledge transfer to better cope with the challenges for education in the wake of the Corona pandemic.

One example of this research is the "STECCO" project. It examines the barriers and opportunities created by Covid-19 for first-year students.

The study "S-CLEVER – School Development Facing New Challenges" examines schools' experiences with the extraordinary pandemic situation and aims to answer questions such as "What challenges have individual schools faced in connection with the Covid-19 pandemic and what are they facing in the current school year?" and also "What long-term approaches to solutions at the school and classroom level have they developed and which are particularly suitable and productive?"

Under the title "Education in Times of Corona", various dossiers on the German Education Server offer comprehensive information for teachers, school administrators, parents and students.

Events organized by the DIPF – such as the "Children at Risk" lecture series (in german language) held in early 2021 – focus on lessons learned from the pandemic.

In addition, the Institute's experts are involved in numerous professional statements and media contributions. The scientific expertise was in demand in german-speaking newspaper, radio and television contributions, in interviews, podcasts and guest contributions.

The DIPF's comprehensive knowledge transfer in this area includes, not least, the book "Schule weiter denken. Was wir aus der Pandemie lernen" (german publication).