Solidarity with Ukraine

Solidarity with Ukraine
@Peggy Marco – pixabay
Mar 02, 2022
After the Russian attack on Ukraine, the Executive Director of DIPF, Prof. Dr. Kai Maaz, expresses concern especially about the effects on children and young people.

"Our thoughts are with the people in Ukraine. Our solidarity goes out to them – including our colleagues who are committed to free science and exchange across national borders," Kai Maaz emphasized. "Russia's invasion of Ukraine is a violation of international law that cannot be justified by anything and an attack on fundamental values of democracy, such as free elections, freedom of expression and freedom of science."
DIPF – like the Leibniz Association as a whole – therefore supports the statement of the Alliance of Science Organizations. The education expert expressed particular concern about the long-term consequences of the attack for children and young people. Not only would attendance at schools and other educational institutions once again be interrupted for an unpredictable period of time; children and young people were suffering the traumatic consequences of destruction and death – they deserved to be able to live in safety and with trust in adults anywhere in the world.