"Focus, link, and evaluate support activities"

"Focus, link, and evaluate support activities"

Statement of the Standing Scientific Commission of the KMK (StäwiKo) on catching up with pandemic-related learning gaps published.

It is the first statement of the commission chaired by Prof. Dr. Olaf Köller from IPN - Leibniz Institute for Science and Mathematics Education and Prof. Dr. Felicitas Thiel from Freie Universität Berlin. Prof. Dr. Kai Maaz, Executive Director of the DIPF, is a member of the commission. The committee's task is to advise the federal states on issues relating to the further development of the education system and how to deal with its challenges.

The statement, entitled: "Catching up on pandemic-related learning gaps – focusing, linking and evaluating support measures" is available in detail on the IPN website. An abridged version is also available there. It states in summary:
"Pandemic-related lockdowns have resulted in reduced learning times in all 16 countries. National and international studies indicate that the resulting learning lags and psycho-social impairments are sometimes substantial. Particularly affected are children and adolescents from disadvantaged families who already showed significant learning deficits before the pandemic. It can be assumed that learning deficits in basic skills in particular accumulate over the course of education and jeopardize meaningful follow-up learning. The Standing Scientific Committee therefore welcomes the provision of funds under the Corona catch-up package. However, these funds will not be sufficient to address all learning gaps in the coming years. For the upcoming 2021/22 school year, the commission therefore advocates focusing the funds on

  • the groups of learners who have special support needs,
  • the phases in the educational process that are particularly critical for follow-up learning,
  • the competencies that are essential for a successful educational trajectory.

Prerequisites for the success of the measures to be developed in the coming weeks and months are, in addition to the use of tested diagnostic and support materials, the basic qualification of the personnel employed in supplementary and extracurricular support measures as well as systematic monitoring or evaluation of the measures. The Commission views the Corona catch-up package as a prelude to the development of a longer-term overall strategy to reduce significant learning gaps."

The Statement in Detail