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Knowledge for Education – in Mandarin

On 17 July 2017, translations of the national education reports for 2012 and 2014 were presented in the Chinese embassy in Berlin.

Published every two years, the indicator-based reports give a comprehensive overview over all aspects of the German education system. Their compilation is coordinated by DIPF. The last two publications have now been translated by the Shanghai International Studies University (SISU). Its centre for information and research on German education and science policy has been studying the results of educational research in Germany since 2014 and to this end cooperates with DIPF. “There is a great interest in German educational reforms and education policy in China”, says Dr. Jiang Feng, Chair of the University Council at SISU. Earlier national education reports since 2006 as well as the next publication in 2018 will also be translated. The Chinese researchers are equally interested in the trends and problems identified in the reports as well as in the methods and formats of German education reporting. As Speaker of the report’s Authoring Group, Professor Dr. Kai Maaz received the Mandarin translations in Berlin.

last modified Jul 18, 2017
Education Reports in Mandarin

Übergabe Bildungsberichte Mandarin

Prof. Dr. Kai Maaz (DIPF) receives the Mandarin translations of the national education reports for 2012 and 2014 from Dr. Jiang Feng (SISU).