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At DIPF, Dr Jean-Paul Reeff is mourned, who passed away in Berlin on May 6, 2018.

We publish an obituary dedicated to Dr Jean-Paul Reeff, written by Prof. Dr. Marc Rittberger und Dr. Nina Jude.

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Suddenly and unexpectedly, Dr Jean-Paul Reeff died in Berlin on May 6, 2018. Since 2006, he had chaired the office “International Cooperation in Education (ice)” at the Information Center for Education. We mourn a colleague who was highly recognised both nationally and internationally, and who contributed significantly to the Institute’s development.

Without his innovative inspiration and his wide-spun network in science and educational administration, the Institute would not have become so highly successful and internationally visible in PIAAC and PISA. His ideas contributed substantially to the conceptualisation of the TBA Centre for Technology Based Assessment at DIPF. He was a trained psychologist and computer scientist whose thoughts and plans creatively linked perspectives from Educational Technology, Assessment and Pedagogical Psychology. His profile was moreover shaped by many activities addressing educational policy and educational administration - even reaching out to supranational organisations like the OECD and UNESCO. Jean-Paul Reeff fostered contacts and initiatives which rendered ice highly visible and opened many doors for departments at DIPF.  

Even beyond DIPF, Jean-Paul Reeff inspired educational research in many ways, especially with regard to large-scale assessment (PISA, PIAAC) and the implementation of technologies in the field of education. At home and abroad, actors from science and educational administration appreciated his role as an engaged consultant. Prior to his involvement with DIPF, Reeff had worked for universities in Germany and Austria and for the Luxembourg Ministry of Schools. For instance, he had represented Luxembourg on OECD and IEA boards and could thus influence the development of large-scale assessments like PISA. He later became an independent consultant and joined DIPF in this capacity so that he was engaged in other contexts at the same time, for example regarding developmental work at GIZ. Subject to a cooperation with the TBA Centre, a project thus emerged for computer-based entry tests for schools in Afghanistan. This project was aimed at contributing to a fair distribution of educational opportunities instead of opportunities being based on power, money or gender. The project in Kabul illustrates Jean-Paul Reeff’s creative and courageous way of thinking and acting for the sake of improving education.

At DIPF, the Executive Board and staff will remember him as a kind, outgoing person who was always ready to generously share his ideas and support colleagues and staff in their development. His broad expertise, cosmopolitan attitude and initiative as well as his visionary thinking were enriching - not only for DIPF but for many people and institutions. His memory will be honourably retained at DIPF.

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Prof. Dr. Marc Rittberger                                          Dr. Nina Jude

Deputy Executive Director                                        Chair of General Staff Council

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Dr. Jean-Paul Reeff

Dr. Jean-Paul Reeff