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Photos of People

You are welcome to use photos of directors and professors active at DIPF in the framework of your reporting. We kindly ask you to state the following copyright information in your publication: © fotorismus for DIPF

You can use the following photos free of charge for your reporting on DIPF activities, stating the respective copyright information.

Porträt HasselhornProf. Dr. Marcus Hasselhorn
Executive Director of DIPF

Director Department of Education and Human Development

Scientific Coordinator and Speaker of the Hessian LOEWE Center IDeA (Center for Research on Individual Development and Adaptive Education of Children at Risk)

© fotorismus for DIPF

Porträt RittbergerProf. Dr. Marc Rittberger
Deputy Executive Director of DIPF

Director Information Center for Education





 © fotorismus for DIPF

Porträt KliemeProf. Dr. Eckhard Klieme
Director  Department of  Educational Quality and Evaluation




© fotorismus for DIPF

Porträt Maaz

Prof. Dr. Kai Maaz

Director Department of Educational Governance








© fotorismus for DIPF

Porträt RehProf. Dr. Sabine Reh
Director of the Research Library for the History of Education





Porträt Brefeld


Prof. Dr. Ulf Brefeld
Professorship Knowledge Mining and Assessment

Porträt Goldhammer

Prof. Dr. Frank Goldhammer
Professorship for Educational-psychological Assessment with focus on technology






Porträt Hartig

Prof. Dr. Johannes Hartig
Professorship for Educational Measurement






Porträt Schmiedek


Prof. Dr. Florian Schmiedek
Professorship for Methods of Developmental and Educational Psychology




© fotorismus for DIPF

Emeritierte Professoren des DIPF

Porträt AvenariusProf. Dr. Hermann Avenarius





© Horst Schmeck

Porträt EckensbergerProf. Dr. Lutz Eckensberger





© Horst Schmeck

Porträt Weishaupt

Prof. Dr. Horst Weishaupt






© fotorismus for DIPF

Porträt FüsselProf. Dr. Hans-Peter Füssel









Porträt Wiegmann_

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Wiegmann

apl. Professor an der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin






Vorsitzender Stiftungsrat des DIPF

Porträt ZöllnerProf. Dr. E. Jürgen Zöllner









Vorsitzende Wissenschaftlicher Beirat DIPF

 Prof. Dr. Cordula Artelt











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