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Comprehensive information on educational research in Turkey

A new dossier by the portal “Education worldwide” provides an overview.

Lately, reports on the education system in Turkey have focused on negative impacts of the failed attempt at a coup – for instance, thousands of schoolteachers and university lecturers were dismissed or suspended, and scholars were detained from travelling abroad. On the other hand, the Turkish government has been negotiating its accession to the European Union for some time, and Turkey is a long-term partner to Germany in education and research. Against this background, the editors of “Education worldwide“ have looked at educational research in Turkey and compiled a dossier with comprehensive information that is available online.

The overview offers details and links to educational scientific societies, associations and networks as well as relevant university institutions in Turkey. Moreover, the dossier takes the history, trends and topics of educational research in Turkey into perspective. Journals and conferences are introduced, and the topic of “inclusive education and persons with disabilities” is featured.

“Education worldwide” intends to offer a door to international educational information. It belongs to the association of portals of the German Education Server, co-ordinated by the German Institute for International Educational Research (DIPF). Interested parties from research and practice are thus offered basic information and internet resources on international developments in the field of education, placing a focus on educational research in other countries. Thereby, the portal aims to inspire research and facilitate exchange.

Website of the dossier “Educational research in Turkey”:

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last modified May 08, 2017