IDeA Research Center for learning in childhood under new scientific management

Developmental psychologist Prof Dr Florian Schmiedek becomes scientific head of the research center “Individual Development and Adaptive Education of Children at Risk“(IDeA) in Frankfurt am Main. The center studies developmental and learning processes in the first twelve years of life. A special focus is placed on intervention opportunities for children who have learning difficulties for various reasons.

Florian Schmiedek holds a professorship for methods of developmental and educational psychology at DIPF | Leibniz Institute for Research and Information in Education and Goethe University Frankfurt. As a research priority, he studies how cognitive achievement such as working memory performance changes over various time spans. This concerns daily fluctuation as well as change over the entire lifespan. Schmiedek has run scientific studies and projects at the IDeA Center for many years. He and his team continually apply innovative approaches to their work. For example, young pupils can use smartphones to provide self-reports and tests in everyday life settings.

The educational researcher is looking forward to his new role: “The IDeA Center unites expertise from different research disciplines and institutions. This gives us excellent opportunities to find out about children’s learning and support them in an optimal way – and we will join all our forces to continue working in this respect.” At the Center, DIPF researchers collaborate closely with colleagues from Goethe University and Sigmund Freud Institute. They are knowledgeable in the fields of psychology, education science, psycholinguistics, neuroscience, social science, psychoanalytic studies and diverse subject didactics. DIPF coordinates the IDeA Center and provides infrastructure services, including laboratories which allow for many behavioural tests and neuroscientific studies.

In his role as a scientific head of the IDeA Center, Florian Schmiedek succeeds Prof Dr Marcus Hasselhorn, who is Executive Director at DIPF. Marcus Hasselhorn will remain a member of the governing board at the IDeA Center, i.e. the Scientific Board. He will thus remain engaged in the research center, after having played a key part in the successful setup and advancement of the Center for more than ten years.

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