"Sitzenbleiben" – DIPF Launches Educational Research Podcast

"Sitzenbleiben" – DIPF Launches Educational Research Podcast
Jul 01, 2021
With the podcast series "Sitzenbleiben" the DIPF primarily addresses parents. The focus is on questions about their children's learning in daycare centers and schools. But it is also worthwhile for anyone interested in education in general to take a listen. Discussions with the institute's scientific experts focus on performance gaps in the classroom, the difficult transition to secondary school, and children growing up multilingual.

We start with an episode on the eponymous "Sitzenbleiben. How does such a "lap of honor" affect the children, is it necessary to repeat classes at all, and how can affected students be better supported? In the podcast, Prof. Dr. Kai Maaz examines the scientific findings on these questions and vividly explains his personal view of the topic. The educational researcher is the Executive Director of the DIPF and has already come into contact with compulsory sitting at many points in his work - including in the discussions about the consequences of the Covid 19 pandemic and catching up on missed learning material.
In all podcast episodes, parents' perspectives on specific educational issues form the starting point. Researchers can't answer everything in the conversations. After all, even in educational science, new findings usually raise further questions. However, they offer the listeners a multifaceted view of the topic on the basis of verified knowledge and bring them closer to the possibilities of science. The talks will be led alternately by Martina Himmer, Philip Stirm and Anke Wilde. The three science communicators are trained journalists and work in the DIPF's Communication Department. All three have school-age children and know from their own experience the many questions and challenges that parents face in their everyday educational lives.
A new episode of "Sitzenbleiben" is always released on the first Thursday of the month. All parts of the podcast series are available on popular platforms (for example, on Spotify) and on the DIPFblog.

The first podcast episode with Professor Maaz on the topic of "Sitzenbleiben"

A trailer offers an overview of what listeners* can expect from the podcast series