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The German Education Server in a New Look

The German Education Server has been revamped, now presenting educationally relevant web resources in a more modern, user-friendly design. The new layout has been adapted to mobile devices such as smartphones. As before, the German Education Server addresses all areas of education and all interested parties and stakeholders. The new design has been launched as a beta version and users are invited to give feedback. International users will find newly designed English language catalogues.

Numerous photos and icons, explanatory texts, a clear layout: many developments of the German Education Server are immediately evident. But the relaunch of your guide to education brings about even more changes. A responsive design now enables users to access the portal via smartphone more comfortably, paying attention to accessibility standards. The navigation menu is always just one click away. The editors of the English language catalogue of the German Education Server explain that: "We aim to provide all users with a modern, targeted means of searching for information. We will continue to prepare the contents on the basis of our expertise while striving for more clarity and a cutting-edge design." International users can take advantage of all these developments as well. They can immediately access the newly designed English language service, Eduserver, and its sister service, Education Worldwide. Because the German Education Server emphasises communication with its users, a beta version has been released and the team of the Server is inviting everybody to respond.

Regardless of all adaptations, the German Education Server, a joint venture of the federal government and the federal states which is co-ordinated by the German Institute for International Educational Research (DIPF), retains one core purpose: Pursuant to its remit, the portal collects and connects to educationally relevant web resources from the government and federal states, the European Union, universities and schools as well as research, service and information institutes. The sources are carefully documented and updated. This service is made available free of charge, via databases and edited contributions. Contents are structured according to thematic catalogues. As one of these catalogues Education Worldwide informs about international developments. And Eduserver invites international users to browse English language information concerning aspects of education, life and work in Germany.

The German Education Server welcomes feedback from users. You can contact the editors, or suggest a link. International users can access an English language RSS feed and Twitter account.


German Education Server: Axel Kühnlenz, DIPF, +49 (0)69 24708-320, a3VlaG5sZW56QGRpcGYuZGU=
Dr. Gwendolyn Schulte, DIPF, +49 (0)69 24708-342, c2NodWx0ZUBkaXBmLmRl
Education Worldwide:
Nadia Cohen, DIPF, +49 (0)69 24708-349, Y29oZW5AZGlwZi5kZQ==
Press: Philip Stirm, DIPF, +49 (0)69 24708-123, c3Rpcm1AZGlwZi5kZQ==, www.dipf.de/en

About DIPF:

The German Institute for International Educational Research (DIPF) delivers empirical educational research, digital infrastructure and targeted knowledge transfer, thus contributing to coping with challenges in education. Knowledge for education is processed and documented by the Leibniz Institute to support science, politics and practice in education – to the benefit of society.

last modified Sep 29, 2017