IDeA focuses on empirical studies of children at infancy, pre-school, and primary school age. Members of the centre contribute their expertise from the fields of psychology, educational science, psycholinguistics, neuroscience, diverse subject didactics, sociology, and psychoanalysis. Different laboratories support the research at IDeA.

The IDeA Centre (IDeA – Individual Development and Adaptive Education of Children at Risk) offers its researchers laboratory facilities and personnel to support a wide variety of behavioral and neurocognitive studies. The spectrum of methods used ranges from paper-and-pencil and computer-assisted cognitive tests, to eye-tracking, EEG, and functional and structural imaging (e. g., MRI, fNIRS). The laboratory mascot “Laborius” helps researchers illustrate the methods used in their studies in a child-friendly way.

The laboratories are integrated into the undergraduate education and the academic training of graduate students at the three partner institutions. Furthermore, the laboratory unit partners with educational counseling services, schools, and childcare centres to develop and evaluate training and intervention programs.

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