Archive Database

The archive database contains all the holdings of the archive of the BBF | Library for Educational History Research that have been electronically indexed to date.


In addition to the extensive archival material on the history of education in the GDR, the archive of the BBF contains mainly documents of non-official origin, such as the papers of German educators, the records of important educational and educational-scientific institutions in Germany, and some of international origin. The holdings are supplemented by special collections with various focuses, such as school drawings. The archive database contains the already electronically indexed holdings and provides more or less detailed information on the records, legacies and photographs as well as on the archival collections. It is constantly being expanded.

The archive database offers a basic search of all meta data. For the search of specific categories such as persons, institutions, time period or shelf mark an advanced search is provided. It is also possible to limit the search to digitised documents, such as images or the staff cards of Prussian teachers. These are linked in the archive database and can be accessed directly. 

It is also possible to browse the archive tectonics, i.e. the structure of the holdings, and thus get an overview of the holdings of the BBF archive, their organisation and related documents. The archive tectonics reflects the history of the BBF, which has been marked by several changes in institutional management since 1876. There are four main sections: 

  1. Historical holdings of the German Teachers' Library from 1876 to 1950
  2. Archive of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of the GDR from 1949 to 1990
  3. Institutional Archive of the DIPF since 1950
  4. Holdings added since the affiliation to the DIPF from 1992 until today

Archive Database


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