aims to support and provide a forum for the digital transformation of historical educational research.


The cross-institutional platform addresses researchers, instructors, and anyone interested in the history of education. It provides information on digital sources and research data, such as web archives and repositories, research datasets and research corpora, as well as tools, computer interfaces and research environments that are important for research in the history of education. It also serves as a guide to scholarly articles – currently reviews and the e-journal »Jahrbuch für Historische Bildungsforschung« (Journal on the History of Education).

Another rubric discusses current topics from an educational history perspective in an essayistic, entertaining, and at the same time informative way. The term "topicality" is broadly defined – current social discourses or problems, but also anniversaries or jubilees of educationally or historically relevant events, persons or institutions can be the stimulus. The column is intended to mediate between the community of researchers in the history of education and the interested public. It may be opinionated or measured, it should take a reflective position, and it should demonstrate the potential of educational history expertise for a better understanding of current problems and challenges.

As a platform, it invites the educational history community to participate actively by submitting articles. It publishes contributions of high academic quality and relevance. The editorial team of the BBF | Research Library for History of Education reviews all submissions from the perspective of educational history and information science. Technical support is also provided by the BBF.


Target Audience: Educational Research, Educational Practice, Education Policy, General Public
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