edutags – Social Bookmarking Education

Edutags is a social bookmarking tool for teachers that facilitates searching, collecting, saving, arranging and sharing of learning resources on the web regardless of licences.


Edutags is a social bookmarking tool for teachers. Social Bookmarking refers to collections of bookmarks on an internet platform. The bookmarks can be accessed via any internet service regardless of the device used. Apart from maintaining individual link collections, users can share and use bookmarks together or comment on and tag other users' bookmarks adding keywords. Free learning materials are emphasised, i.e. so-called open educational resources (OER) that are offered via a creative commons licence (cc-licence). They can be used freely and partially remixed and adapted. The bookmarks can be filtered by cc-licence. Beyond offering the users' collections, Edutags cooperates with producers of OER to expand the pool of resources.


The service is provided by the German Education Server in cooperation with the Learning Lab of the University of Duisburg-Essen



Target Audience: Educational Practice, General Public
Type of Content: Information in Education, Digital Learning & Educational Technologies, Teaching & Learning
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Department: Information Centre for Education
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