Elixier – The Search Engine for Educational Media

Elixier is a search engine for teaching and learning materials for all types of schools (general, vocational) as well as for early childhood care and education.


Teachers can use the Elixier search engine to find teaching and learning materials for use in general and vocational schools as well as for early childhood care and education. The data pool contains the metadata that describe relevant resources and links to the respective materials. The content ranges from text materials such as worksheets or lesson plans, to images, audio and video and self-learning materials such as web quests and school software for download. The materials are selected by editors and transferred via a data interface. Elixier focuses on providing open educational resources (OER). A simple as well as an advanced search option are offered and materials can be browsed via a subject classification system. 


The service is offered by the German Education Server, several federal state education servers, the FWU (media institute of the Länder) and other providers.


Dr. Christian Richter


Target Audience: Educational Practice, General Public
Type of Content: Information in Education, Digital Learning & Educational Technologies, Teaching & Learning
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Department: Information Centre for Education
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