IWWB – Information Web Further Education

The Information Web Further Education (IWWB) is a meta search engine that enables users to search for offers in all areas of further education throughout Germany.


The IWWB website offers a central and unified access to information about further education opportunities and related topics. At the core, a metasearch engine enables simultaneous queries in a large number of cooperating course databases. Apart from the course search the website offers search options for local counselling services on further education and for financial support. The meta search engine finds information on all types of course offers for general, political, academic and vocational further education courses (e.g. seminars, distance education, e-learning, CBT) provided by the cooperating databases.


78 different database providers (as of 2023)



Target Audience: Educational Research, Educational Practice, Education Policy, General Public
Type of Content: Information in Education, Digital Learning & Educational Technologies, Further Education & Professionalisation
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Department: Information Centre for Education
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