OpenLAIR – Open Learning Analysis Indicator Repository

Open Learning Analytics Indicator Repository (OpenLAIR) is a learning analytics tool that helps course designers, teachers, students and educational researchers to make informed decisions about the selection of learning activities and LA indicators for their course design or LA dashboard.


OpenLAIR is a repository that provides an overview of indicators and their metrics from learning analytics research for the design of data-enriched Learning Analytics. The information presented by OpenLAIR is the result of a literature review where learning analytics studies were collected over a period of 14 years (2011-2025), extracting the most common learning activities and their associated Learning Analytics indicators and metrics.

The data in OpenLAIR are structured by types of learning events. There are eight types of learning events: creation, meta-learning/self-reflection, practice, imitation, experimentation, debate, reception, and exploration. For each type of learning event, corresponding learning activities with utilised learning analytics indicators and metrics for each event are listed. To interact with OpenLAIR, it is recommended to take a tour that explains the program by clicking on 'Start Tour' in the upper right corner.


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