PicturaPaedagogica provides open access images on the history of education.


The image archive PicturaPaedagogica of the BBF | Research Library for the History of Education offers approximately 130,000 historical images in Open Access. The collection includes book illustrations, graphics, postcards, and photographs relating to education and upbringing.

Depictions of learning and teaching situations, of education in the family environment, of interactions between children and adults or of children's activities are included as well as images of school buildings and classrooms. A further thematic focus is on images that were used as teaching aids, such as maps, natural history illustrations of native and exotic fauna and flora, images of geodesy, physics, astronomy, mathematics, historical events, portraits and much more. Descriptions of the images from the original source are linked and can be accessed directly from the database.

The image collections are indexed in detail and uniformly, both formally and in terms of content. This allows users to search by image motif, artist, or year of origin, among other options.



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