At DIPF, internships and work experience placements are available to students. If you have such a request, please contact the person named in the project descriptions or the secretariat of the department.

Practical Placements for Secondary School Students

DIPF offers secondary school students the opportunity to gain first work experience and vocational orientation in a practical placement (max. 2 weeks). In this case, no vocational skills, knowledge or experience are required, but the students will merely gain a first experience regarding professional work. These practice placements are offered in the libraries at DIPF, Central Services and IT Services.

Placements in the DIPF libraries

Frankfurt am Main (Frankfurter Forschungsbibliothek): ZmZiQGRpcGYtaW5zdGl0dXQuZGU= (
Berlin (Bibliothek für Bildungsgeschichtliche Forschung): YmJmQGRpcGYtaW5zdGl0dXQuZGU=

Placements in Central Services

Frankfurt am Main: Ute Tiede

Placements in IT Services
Frankfurt am Main: Dr. Michael Dahlinger

Placements as part of a Vocational Training Course

DIPF offers apprentices from the area of information professions an experience beyond the realm covered by the company that trains them, i. e. trainees for information assistance and participants in in-company vocational education courses (max. 3 months).
These practice placements are located at the Information Center for Education and the Research Library for the History of Education (Berlin).

Practice Placements as part of a Study Course

It is useful to supplement the theoretical education students receive at universities by practical placements that enable them to build bridges between theory and practice. A practical placement at DIPF (up to 6 months) allows students to efficiently prepare for their future professional life, by working on projects or in the daily routine: placements are open to students of pedagogy, sociology and psychology or students from the areas of information and communication science, documentation or library science.
Each year, the Information Center for Education offers one of the students from the Department for Information and Knowledge Management at Darmstadt University a practical placement within the framework of the vocational practice semester (BPS).

Please send your requests to the persons named in the project descriptions (project manager or secretary).