Tasks and fields of work

Information specialists (Wissenschaftliche Dokumentare, WissDoks) are trained in Frankfurt on the basis of projects and products. An inclusive training for students with and without disabilities is offered, subject to a written agreement with the Frankfurter Stiftung für Blinde und Sehbehinderte (trust supporting visually impaired trainees).

The professional profile of information specialists is subject to the professional field of information practice and information science, generally known as information and documentation (I&D), which includes information processes and information systems as well as the practical field of documentation.

Main tasks in the area of information and documentation include

  • the development and maintenance of databases by taking into account scholarly specifications; including analysis and selection, indexing and abstracting;
  • searching databases, preparing the search results for the users and delivering them,

The information scientific tasks include information scientific and system-related research and development by using a comprehensive information technology (information and communication technology), in order to create powerful systems, methods and processes or to improve existing ones, as well as fundamental research and training.

The area of information management subsumes the tasks of planning, setting up and running information institutions, internal co-ordination of information processes and external co-ordination and integration into information networks as well as offering information services and marketing them. The so-called “information brokers" are a specific type of information deliverer, they purposefully use the information services available on the market and utilise them for advising and counselling their clients.

Source: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Informationswissenschaft und Informationspraxis e.V (DGI)

Further information

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