PhDIPF: the intra-institutional, interdisciplinary doctoral programme at DIPF

All of the departments at DIPF offer the opportunity to conduct doctoral studies. Generally, a doctoral thesis is written in close relation to a project. Vacant doctoral posts are generally published on the DIPF website and in the weekly journal ZEIT. Any person who has acquired the necessary qualifications along with previous experience, and who shows an interest in the topic at hand, is invited to submit an application. Doctoral theses are supervised by the respective project managers, directors of the departments and research groups or other qualified persons.

To complement their scientific work, the doctoral students are encouraged to participate in conferences and other events serving the purpose of exchange in the science community. Furthermore, the students are supported in publishing and giving talks. In this context, students are also encouraged to link up to the international research scene.


To prepare an optimal ground for excellent postgraduate work, DIPF has launched an intra-institutional, inter-disciplinary programme for doctoral students, offering systematic supervision and training to doctoral students.

PhDIPF offers doctoral students an opportunity to co-operate and to practice scholarly communication; they are supported in their individual publication planning and in shaping their profile. PhDIPF is based on three pillars – the PhDIPF seminar at the beginning of a doctoral career, an annual PhDIPF academy and individual training measures.

The PhDIPF seminar focuses on topics concerning the contents and methods of doctoral work (e. g. ethics guidelines, obtainment of literature, strategies for publication and different research methods). Furthermore, students are given an overview of doctoral research carried out at DIPF.

The PhDIPF academy lasts several days, inviting students to present their own doctoral projects and to discuss their work with internal and external (international) experts from the field of educational research. Academies are held in English to enable the doctoral students to practise communicating in the international “language of science”. Academies are held at a conference venue outside of Frankfurt.

In addition and subject to requirement, individual training workshops are organised for the students.

Contact: Gabriele Naumann-Dietzsch

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