Research Stays and Visits

DIPF encourages its own researchers to go on research stays and also welcomes visiting researchers from other institutions.

Networking, interdisciplinarity and an open approach to research play important roles in the work at DIPF and are encouraged wherever possible. The Institute encourages its researchers to go on research stays and intensify the exchange with colleagues at co-operating institutions. Financial support is available to doctoral students from DIPF for a host period of up to three months (according to regulations issued by the German Research Foundation, DFG).

Furthermore, DIPF regularly welcomes visiting researchers at the Institute. Please contact aW5mb0BkaXBmLmRl.

In March 2016, the DIPF Research Fellows programme was launched. Its aim is to foster sustainable relationships with exemplary researchers. The first DIPF research fellows are Prof. Dr. David Kaplan, Prof. Dr. Jean-Paul Fox und Prof. Dr. Mareike Kunter.