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Information Center for Education

Information Center for Education

The Information Center for Education is a department conducting research and infrastructure tasks; it researches, develops and operates modern information infrastructures that are highly visible in the field of education.


The department's information infrastructures connect research, technology, services and user communities: they are based on cutting-edge research findings from computational linguistics, information science, information visualisation, machine learning and other fields of science.

The Information Center for Education deploys its own research and innovative digital tools to collect, structure and make available the large selection of publications, sources, facts and research data that are relevant to educational researchers, educational administrators and educational practitioners, paying attention to the relevant tasks and problems. To create an optimal link between high-quality information and new, technology-based procedures, the Information Center for Education works in close co-operation with partner universities in Darmstadt and Hildesheim – particularly concerning the research priorities of Knowledge Mining and Assessment, Information Behavior and science research.

Infrastructures developed in the department include the German Education Server, the German Education Portal with the German Education Index and the Research Data Centre (Forschungsdaten Bildung – only in German) as well as the liaison office International Cooperation in Education. The German Education Server and German Education Index (FIS Bildung Literaturdatenbank) are co-ordinated at DIPF. With the Centre for Technology Based Assessment (TBA), the department offers a further important infrastructural service in co-operation with the Department of Educational Quality and Evaluation. TBA develops and makes available software tools for designing and analysing computer-based tests.

International Cooperation in Education

The liaison office for International Cooperation in Education supports empirical educational researchers and educational institutions in Germany in establishing and maintaining co-operations and projects.


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last modified May 26, 2017
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