DIPF archive

Based on its holdings, the DIPF archive aims to convey a relevant history and outline the profile of the institute since its establishment in 1951.

The DIPF archive preserves and administers all documents that have emerged from the institute’s activities and are of enduring historical interest, document research findings, or need to be permanently stored for legal purposes.

  • The archive consists of the following divisions:
  • Records 1951 – 1998;
  • Records since 1998;
  • Collections and special holdings (e.g. photographs, collection documenting the institution’s history, Pedagogical Central Library Berlin);
  • Archival finding aids.

Presently the institutional archive holds ca. 40 running meters of written records, photographs, audio material and historical objects dating from 1951 until today. In the near future, the material will be sorted, indexed and recorded in a database. Large part of the archive’s work will focus on integrating archival material from the institute’s activities in Frankfurt and Berlin.