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IT Services

At DIPF, the IT team holds responsible for the Institute’s entire information and telecommunications technology.


The team consists of 15 members who provide staff with standardised and occasionally specially adapted work environments; this includes support services and updates of hardware and software provided.

As a central contacting point for issues concerning information technology, the IT team advises staff on hardware and software matters as well as giving guidance on requirements for specific research project needs. Furthermore, the IT service team consults staff regarding equipment  that is acquired in the context of their projects.

Central tasks include the ensurance of IT operations, further development of a central internal network and installation and monitoring of external interfaces and the central server structure. A particular challenge concerns networking of the different DIPF locations and the heterogeneity of requirement profiles.


Dr. Michael Dahlinger, Head of Unit


last modified Oct 31, 2020
last modified Oct 31, 2020
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