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Central Services

The Central Services department at DIPF provides general services to staff working at the Institute.

The department is chaired by the Managing Director, who is supported by a consultant focusing on legal matters, particularly contractual aspects.

The departmental tasks are conducted in five areas: Human Resources / Organisation, Human Resources Development, Financing, Budget Control, and Facility Management.

Human Resources / Organisation

The field of Human Resources / Organisation serves all the staff members at DIPF. The field of tasks encompasses fundamental issues concerning work regulations, compilation of job descriptions, work contracts and other work regulation agreements, validation of correspondence to all legal and collective labour agreement conditions for staff joining or leaving the Institute, salaries or time recording and staff controlling.

Human Resources Development

This staff unit serves all issues concerning the development, implementation and evaluation of measures in the field of human resources development. This refers to the (re-)training and qualification of staff as well as implementation procedures concerning the audit for the harmonisation of job and family requirements.


The area of financing deals with accounting, monitoring of external funding distribution, project administration and assignment of commissions respectively provisioning, as well as travel expenses.


The controlling unit holds responsible for the annual balance sheet (where used list) and all tax-related matters. Controlling is in charge of short-term and mid-term financial planning and the budget, and is responsible for reporting. Human resources controlling (together with the Human Resources/Organisation unit) and external funding are controlled here. Controlling of external funding also involves advisory services for researchers, financial calculation and assessment of external funding proposals.

Facility Management

The Facility Management unit comprises property management, the organisation of the reception desk, catering for venues and the aspect of safety at work.

Commission of Remits

Here, DIPF informs about remits it has secured subject to restricted calls for tender and private contracts pursuant to the legislation on commissions and contracts  (Vergabe- und Vertragsordnung für Bauleistungen, Teil A - VOB/A and Vergabe- und Vertragsordnung für Leistungen, Teil A - VOL/A) for construction and other services:

  • Construction services (VOB/A) - In the case of restricted calls without competitive bid, measures that exceed a value of 25,000 Euros without VAT and in the case of private contracts, 15,000 Euros without VAT, for a duration of six months
  • Other services: Measures pursuant to VOL/A exceeding a value of 25,000 Euros without VAT in the case of restricted calls without competition and in the case of private contracts without bid, for a duration of three months.

The publication is legally based on § 20 (3) VOB/A and § 19 (2) VOL/A.

Remit no.Name of  remitterName of  agentType of remitType and scope of serviceDuration of service provision


last modified Dec 14, 2017
last modified Dec 14, 2017
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