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Prof. Dr. Anna-Katharina Praetorius

  Praetorius Assoziierte Wissenschaftlerin

Associated Researcher

Teaching and Schooling



Selected Publications

  • Praetorius, A.-K., Klieme, E., Kleickmann T., Brunner, E., Lindmeier A., Taut,S. & Charalambous, C. (2020). Towards Developing a Theory of Generic Quality: Origin, Current Status, and Necessary Next Steps Regarding the Three Basic Dimensions Model. Zeitschrift für Pädagogik, 66, Beiheft 1/20, 15-36.
  • Praetorius, A.-K., Rogh, W. , Klieme, E. & Bell, C. (2019). Methodological challenges in conducting international research on teaching quality using standardized observations. In L.E. Suter, E. Smith & B.D. Denman (Eds.), Sage Handbook of Comparative Studies in Education: Practices and experiences in student schooling and learning (pp. 269-288). London: Sage.
  • Praetorius, A.-K. & Charalambous, C. (2018). Classroom observation frameworks for studying instructional quality: looking back and looking forward. ZDM Mathematics Education, 50, 535-553.
  • Praetorius, A.-K. Klieme, E., Herbert, B. & Pinger, P. (2018). Generic Dimensions of teaching quality: The German framework of the three basic dimensions. ZDM Mathematics Education, 50, 407-426.
  • Praetorius, A.-K., Koch, T., Scheunpflug, A., Zeinz, H. & Dresel, M. (2017). Identifying sources for teachers' judgment (in)accuracy regarding students' motivational characteristics using a cross-classified multi-level model. Learning and Instruction, 52, 148-160.


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