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Sophie Stallasch, M.A.

  Stallasch Doktorand/-in

Doctoral Candidate

Educational Trajectories

Warschauer Straße 34-38
10243 Berlin

+49 (0)30-293360-318



Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests

  • Development of social disparities in educational success in the course of secondary education
  • Longitudinal modeling of social background effects at points of transition in the education system

Doctoral project: On the basis of data from the Hamburg longitudinal studies LAU and KESS, primary (performance-related) and secondary (non-performance-related) social background effects are comparatively analyzed at the four educational transition points after elementary school, after the “observation level”, after lower secondary level, and at the end of upper secondary level. The project studies how primary and secondary effects cumulate also as a function of school-track specific learning environments across the mentioned junctures in the educational career. Moreover, it examines how changes in the educational demand between the LAU cohort and the KESS cohort relate to the development of inequality patterns.

last modified Oct 17, 2018