Dr. Svenja Vieluf

Post-doc Researcher

Teaching and Schooling

Teacher and Teaching Quality

Rostocker Straße 6
60323 Frankfurt am Main

+49 (0)69-24708-222



Since March 2013 Fellow in the “College for Interdisciplinary Educational Research“, jointly funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), Jacobs Foundation and six Leibniz Institutes (www.ciderweb.org)


Selected Publications

  • Vieluf, S. (2017). Die Kulturgebundenheit von Schulleistungen. In: S. Reh & N. Ricken (Hrsg.), Leistung - Zur Entstehung und Transformation eines pädagogischen Paradigmas. Wiesbaden: VS Springer.
  • Vieluf, S., Göbel, K., & Sauerwein, M.N. (2017). Unterrichtsforschung aus interkultureller Perspektive. In: I. Gogolin, V. Georgi, M. Krüger-Potratz, D. Lengyel, & U. Sandfuchs (Hrsg.): Handbuch Interkulturelle Pädagogik. UTB.
  • Vieluf, S. (2016). Ethnicity and Migration. In: S. Kuger, E. Klieme, N. Jude, & D. Kaplan (eds.), Assessing Contexts of Learning: An international perspective. Cham: Springer.
  • Vieluf, S., Hochweber, J., Kunter, M., & Klieme, E. (2015). Who Has a Good Relationship With the Teachers? A Comparison of Comprehensive Education Systems with Education Systems Using Between-School Tracking. Oxford Review of Education, 41, 3-25.
  • Vieluf, S., Kunter, M., & Van de Vijver, F. J. R. (2013). Teacher Self-Efficacy in Cross-Cultural Perspective. Teaching and Teacher Education, 35, 92-103.
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