Educational Technologies

The EduTec Research Group is a multinational, cross-disciplinary team of specialists committed to incorporating Artificial Intelligence into educational science, as well as allied disciplines like psychology, pedagogy and didactics.


The international and interdisciplinary team of the EduTec Research Group specialises in integrating Artificial Intelligence into education and related fields like psychology and pedagogy. Together with our international partners, we conduct high-quality research projects that are relevant for both academia and practical applications. We offer specialised workshops and training sessions suitable for both universities and schools. Our approach is holistic: we explore new technologies and teaching methods, further develop them and make them accessible to a broad audience. Finally, we provide concrete services and products that can be directly implemented in educational practice. In this way, we cover the entire innovation cycle in the field of education.


Information Centre for Education

The Information Centre for Education (IZB) at DIPF is the central institution for research and information infrastructures in education in Germany. The Centre moreover organises research and transfer of findings and links actors in education.


Prof. Dr. Hendrik Drachsler



Heather Wehner, M.A.