DIPF actively communicates its research results to education politics and administration, practitioners and the interested public. This entails the provision of comprehensive access to literature, historical sources as well as many other information services through different portals and databases.

BBF Archive

The archive of the BBF | Reseach Library for the History of Education at DIPF collects, preserves and indexes archival material of significance to educational history.

Research Data Centre Education (FDZ Bildung)

The Research Data Centre for Education (FDZ Bildung) constitutes an important element of a national data infrastructure in the area of empirical educational research. Its tasks encompass archiving and making available research data for reusage by the community of researchers, focusing on documenting qualitative research data and quantitative assessment instruments. By means of detailed documentation, the services target an advanced transparency and traceability of research processes and outcomes as well as secondary usage of research data.

Educational-Historical Digital Archives

Selected parts of the Research Library for the History of Education's holdings have been digitised and are openly accessible via the internet. These digital collections have been compiled in cooperation with other institutions and are continually being expanded.