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Research Library for the History of Education

The holdings, catalogues and archive as well as digital editions and databases of the Research Library for the History of Education render a significant contribution to providing researchers who are interested in the history of education with fundamental services and sources.

The Research Library for the History of Education (Bibliothek für Bildungsgeschichtliche Forschung, BBF) is the largest library specialising in pedagogy in Germany; it holds more than 730,000 media (books, periodicals, electronic resources etc.) At its site in Berlin, the BBF offers excellent conditions for researching educational, social and cultural historical aspects. The library’s large historical holdings are continuously enhanced by adding further sources as well as German and foreign language publications on the history of education, particularly in the German-speaking area: Profile and holdings.

Stored media published after 1493 can be searched via the Online Library Catalogue. The database records

  • monographs
  • journals
  • electronic resources (1998 onwards)
  • articles published in journals and collective works, reviews (1994 onwards and all digitised references)

Monthly lists of new acquisitions are published, which you may also subscribe to via RSS feed.

National supply of literature

The BBF is part of the distributed national research library, supported by the German Research Foundation (DFG). In this context, the BBF holds responsible for a national supply of literature in the field of “history of education in the German-speaking countries”.
The BBF participates in German and international interlibrary loan services and offers its own direct order service for copies of articles from its holdings.

Digital BBF

At a large scale, the BBF digitises educational historical sources from its holdins and it provides computer based online editions. Digital services enable researchers to access material from anywhere and at any time. Moreover, improved forms of use are generated, e. g. direct annotation in digitised objects, electronic assessment of large text corpora and integration into individual work environments respectively use in shared virtual research environments.

All digitised objects are made available Open Access on the internet:

Scripta Paedagogica Online – the digital text archive for the history of education in the German-speaking countries. It comprises monographs, journals and reference volumes and records of teachers.

Educational Historical Online Editions – currently two educationally relevant historical editions of letters are available, i.e. the complete correspondence of Friedrich Fröbel and the correspondence between Eduard Spranger and Käthe Hadlich.

Pictura Paedagogica Online – the digital archive of pictures on the history of education. It contains illustrations of books, historical picture postcards, collections of photographs and sketches drawn by pupils.

Vox Paedagogica Online – the digital sound archive on the history of education with self-portraits of retired educational scientists.

Scholarly information

The BBF participates in or is responsible for various information services in educational research respectively the humanities which are offered on the internet free of charge:

Furthermore, the Library offers individual support to researchers on the history of education via its information desk.

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