International Cooperation in Education

The aim of the liaison office International Cooperation in Education – ice is to implement German educational research on an international scale.

Our researchers provide advice and support to empirical educational institutions and individual educational researchers for establishing and improving international research initiatives.

We are thus closely linked to universities and research institutions and consequently focus on the specific requirements of educational researchers.

Our service for educational researchers includes four main areas:

Project Consulting

We help establish international consortia and offer assistance to German researchers in the early stages of a project to determine topics and develop negotiation strategies.

Examples for successful consulting are:

  • Support of German researchers in PISA 2009,2012, 2015 and PIACC
  • Setup and internationalisation of the international cluster on Technology Based Assessment (TBA)

If you have any questions concerning international co-operations we will be pleased to help you. For this reason please fill out our contact form.

Further information on Project Consulting on the project's website.

EU-Research Funding

We provide information about research funding tailored to the needs of educational research. In tapping financial resources for projects we resort to calls of the 7th EU Research Framework Programme, the European Science Foundation, bi- and multilateral co-operations, the World Bank and foundations operating on a European and international scale.

We try to convey this information specifically to young researchers by organising a two-day trip to Brussels every year. There we will meet experts who offer detailed information about the various kinds of European research funding and give insight into the structure of international networks. Furthermore young researchers will receive advice and best-practice examples on how to write successful proposals.

Further information on EU-Research Funding on the project's website.

Transfer of Educational Expertise

We enhance the exchange of educational research between Germany and international partners, transferring German know-how on education policy abroad and adapting international research developments. Therefore we not only organise international conferences and symposia but also generate evaluation studies for organisations that operate worldwide like the giz (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit). Since ice was founded in 2006, we continuously gain expertise in evidence based educational research and policy. Thus, in 2010 we became partner in the project “Evidence Informed Policy and Practice in Education in Europe” that is based at the Insitute of Education in London and was funded until 2013. The project aims to identify the range of activities that are used across Europe for linking research and policy-making in education, as well as the scope and nature of studies that have examined the extent, process and/or efficacy of activities that are used across Europe to link research and policymaking in education. The project also aims at linking Brokerage agencies throughout Europe in order to support evidence based education policy and practice.

Young Researchers

Besides our annual trips to Brussels, ice regularly offers English training workshops. We invite young educational researchers to refine their English language skills to meet today’s increasing demand for publishing in international journals. We constantly add new items to our offer such as “Conversational Skills for Conference-goers”, which has been provided since July 2010. Here young researchers learn how to cope with typical conversation situations at conferences. Another innovation focuses on effectively presenting at poster sessions.

The weekly seminars are highlighted by the one-on-one coaching, where the individual participant has the opportunity to analyse her/his own piece of writing together with the teacher.

The English-Training workshops are provided on a weekly as well as daily basis and are held by native speakers with many years of teaching experience. We can also assist in developing training concepts and we can recommend professional teachers.

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