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Domain Data Protocols for empirical educational research

The project co-operation “Domain Data Protocols for empirical educational research – a contribution to standardizing and increasing the quality of research data management“ targets the development of so-called Domain Data Protocols (DDPs) for managing empirical educational research, i.e. open standard protocols that can be referenced for data management. Empirical educational researchers are thus supported in producing data that are quality-assured and re-usable.

Project Description

The digital turn in science has invoked new opportunities for the use and storage of information creating new types of knowledge. At the same time, new digital opportunities have resulted in an increase of research data. If the potential of these data is to be exploited in an optimal way in scientific and non-scientific contexts, the data need to meet high quality standards. So far, scientists have not always paid attention to quality-assurance measures in research data management and data curation – i.e., data processing, data administration and making available research data. Such tasks constitute central challenges to researchers today.

Subject to the BMBF funding line for “the development ant test of curation criteria and quality standards of research data in the course of a digital turn in the German science systems“ and the co-operative project “Domain Data Protocols for empirical educational research“, research groups and alliances at universities and non-university institutes will thus be supported in research data management. So-called Domain Data Protocols (DDPs) will thus be developed for research data management with respect to different relevant assessment methods in empirical educational research, as well as guidelines for calculating costs for research data curation. Researchers in the field of empirical educational research will thus be able to use the DDPs in terms of open template standard protocols that can be referenced, in order to produce quality-assured and re-usable data. The protocols will thus be aligned to the specific conditions of the assessment methods that are relevant in empirical educational research (e. g. cross-section and longitudinal designs, achievement indicators, different modes of assessment, qualitative assessments). Research processes are considered together with their methodological, organizational and technical specificities and the specific conditions of data assessment, data sharing and data re-usage. The developed DDPs will moreover serve to determine benchmarks for estimating the costs of research data curation according to the type and size of an assessment respectively a research project.

As part of the project alliance, DIPF will prepare two protocols for the specific requirements of qualitative data, focusing on audio and video data and resulting transcripts.


Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)


Project Management

Prof. Dr. Marc Rittberger

Project Team

Gianpiero Favella

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06/2019 – 05/2022
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Research topic: Research Data for Educational Research
Department: Information Center for Education
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