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EduArc – Digital educational architectures – Open learning (educational) resources in disseminated learninginfrastructures

The project targets the development of a design concept for disseminated learning infrastructures that provide federated access to digital educational resources.

Project Description

The project targets the development of a design concept for disseminated learning infrastructures to provide federated access to digital educational resources. Technical, didactic and organisational conditions of realizing an educational architecture will be researched, built upon a network of universities and the interplay of state, public and private stakeholders.

The project focuses on the challenges to disseminate openly licensed educational resources (OER) in an “informationally open eco system“, like the university system in Germany. It particularly considers the provision and access in repositories, linked metadata and the handling of resource versions and respective quality aspects. A further goal is the alignment of this interdisciplinary project to state-specific, national, European and international development.


The project first investigates case studies of (possible) user scenarios concerning the provision of teaching and learning resources in networked repositories (working package (AP) 1). A definition of a metadata standard and mapping diverse schemes will be necessary to collect resources from diverse university repositories (AP 2). As well, the technical specifications of interfaces for exchanging metadata are analyzed (AP 3). The project will also focus on the issue of versioning of resources and consolidating exchange of information in a disseminated infrastructure (AP 4). Based on a first infrastructural concept (AP 5), the technical organisation of implementing the system at a university is projected (AP6).

Besides conceptualizing and implementing an infrastructure, the project investigates the following topics:

  • data mining & learning analytics in disseminated learning infrastructures (AP 7)

  • development of a repository for digital educational resources (AP 8)

  • studies on the use of educational resources in learning and teaching (AP 9)

  • quality assurance of open educational resources (AP 10)

  • analysis and comparison of respective international solutions to assure alignment to international developments (AP 11)

DIPF coordinates a sub-project of EduArc concerned with research on metadata standards and mapping (collaborating with ZBW), data mining and learning analytics, and user and usability studies on the use of OER in learning and teaching (collaborating with UDE).


The project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).


University of Duisburg-Essen (UDE), Learning Lab, Prof. Dr. Michael Kerres

Leibniz Information Centre for Economics, Digital Information Infrastructures, Prof. Dr. Klaus Tochtermann

University of Oldenburg, Prof. Dr. habil. Olaf Zawacki-Richter

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10/2018 – 03/2022
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