Hector-Core-Courses – Development and Evaluation of a Support Programme for Particularly Gifted Children in Second Grade

In this project, two Hector Core Courses will be developed and evaluated to support particularly gifted children in second grade. The course BioLog aims to fostering scientific interests and scientific thinking in the field of biology. The course MuLog has the aim to foster skills in music and logical thinking, as well as their combination.

Project Description

In addition of the Hector Children’s Academies, which were scientificly monitored by the DIPF and the University of Tübingen as part of the Hector project, two support programmes will be developed and evaluated for particularly gifted children in second grade.

The Hector Core Course "BioLog" aims to impart and deepen scientific content from the field of biology. In cooperation with the Senckenberg Society for Nature Research Frankfurt am Main, the focus of the course will be on biodiversity, in particular the currently observed decrease in biodiversity and the consequences for life on earth. For this purpose, we will develop a programme that builds on cognitive resources of gifted second graders in order to further develop formal-operational scientific thinking. At the same time, the project aims to expand interest in these research areas. Previous research has demonstrated the relevance of creating a positive attitude towards science and counteracting negative stereotypes. Thus, the development of a Hector Core Course in natural science could make an important contribution to supporting and sustaining scientific interest and scientific thinking.

The Hector Core Course "MuLog" will be developed in cooperation with the Frankfurt Unversity of Music and Performing Arts (HfMDK). In this course the children learn about different functions and rules of music in a playful way and then apply these rules directly in production-oriented creative course phases. Throughout the content requests (e.g. inventing rhythm, melodic harmonies, ceating audio dramas) artistic-creative processes could be activated and thus support skills in music and logical thinking, as well as their combination.


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Leonie Weindorf

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06/2021 – 05/2024
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Department: Education and Human Development
Contact: Leonie Weindorf, Doctoral Candidate