Hector Qualification – Qualification of the Coordinators for Hector Children's Academies in Hesse

Hector Children’s Academies, a concept to support highly gifted elementary school children, have been developed in the federal state of Baden Württemberg. This concept will also be implemented in Hesse from 2022 onwards. For this reason, regional coordinators will be appointed in each school district, whose professional qualification will be developed and evaluated in the project.

Project Description

As part of the implementation of extracurricular courses for highly gifted elementary school children in Hesse, staff at regional school offices take on coordinating tasks. They each contribute to the realization and quality assurance of the Children's Academies in their region. For this regional personnel a qualification program will be developed, implemented, and evaluated. This program will incorporate several components such as imparting theoretical knowledge on promoting giftedness and developing potential as well as pedagogical expertise in order to design high-quality learning opportunities.

Project Objectives

The aim of the qualification program is to enable regional staff to take on coordinating tasks for the Hector Children's Academies in Hesse such as

  • establishing a regional network of Hector Children's Academies
  • planning, organizing, and implementing courses for highly gifted elementary school children
  • accompanying course teachers of the Hector Children's Academies with respect to content and pedagogy so that they are able to support highly gifted elementary school children as best as possible.


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University of Tübingen, Hector Research Institute of Education Sciences and Psychology

Project Management

Project Team

Radojka Savic

Project Details

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11/2021 – 12/2026
External funding
Research topic: Transfer and Transfer Research
Department: Education and Human Development
Contact: Dr. Katharina Grunwald, Academic Staff