KERMIT – Cooperation with Teachers in Research on Education

The aim of the project KERMIT is to enhance und improve cooperation between teaching staff and educational researchers.

Project Description

KERMIT is dedicated to the investigation of conductive factors and barriers regarding the willingness of teaching staff to participate in educational research projects. Through comprehensive knowledge about these factors we aim on providing recommendations for actions on how to enhance and improve a cooperative participation of teaching staff in educational research projects. The mixed-method-design is structured in three parts:

  • KERMIT I: Interview study with educational researchers about their experiences with teachers within research projects. Both successful as well as unsuccessful cooperations will be subjects of analysis.
  • KERMIT II: An online survey based on the results of the interview study will be created and provided to educational researchers in the German speaking countries. Results are supposed to draw a more precise picture of barriers and facilitators to cooperation.
  • KERMIT III: Interview study with teachers about their motivation to participate or not to particpate in educational studies based on results of KERMIT I and II.

Results of study parts will be used in order to create a recommendation manual for successful cooperations between teaching staff and research in education.

Project Management

Project Details

Current projects
08/2020 – 12/2022
Department: Education and Human Development
Contact: Dr. Jeanette Ziehm-Eicher, Head of Unit