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DELTA – Towards Digital Education with modern Learning Technologies and Assessment approaches

Intensive development of the digital education at the Goethe University Frankfurt and the state of Hesse.

Project Description

The realization of the DELTA project (Towards Digital Education with modern Learning Technologies and Assessment approaches) takes place in 5 stages:

  1. Writing personas: creation of so-called “personas” which reflect key users in the future of digital education at the Goethe University. Personas are developed on the basis of different empirical data – to this end, survey and structured interviews will be used.
  2. Expert group concept mapping study: An expert GCM study will be run to elicit success criteria for the development of a digital education infrastructure at the Goethe University.
  3. Innovation workshops: organisation of innovation workshops involving key actors at the Goethe University, external research institutes, the state ministry of education in Hesse and international experts, to formulate a plan for digital education at the Goethe University.  
  4. Fruits & challenge workshops: organisation of workshops for the identification of so-called “low hanging fruits“, that is quickly accessible opportunities and long-term challenges to digital education at the Goethe University.        
  5. DELTA report and conference: organisation of a wrap-up conference which summarises project outcomes and necessary activities for achieving DELTA plan objectives by 2025. The DELTA report will be handed to the President of the Goethe University at the conference.

Project Objectives

Subject to the DELTA project, a learning technology roadmap will be developed for digital education at the Goethe University. In the long run, the project aims to turn the state of Hesse into a pioneer in the field of digital education, led by the Goethe University.


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Project Management

Prof. Dr. Hendrik Drachsler

Project Team

Prof. Dr. Frank Goldhammer

Project Details

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01/2017 – 12/2025
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Research topic: Digital Education
Department: Information Center for Education
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