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TwiSt – Impact of Transfer: An Exploratory Project

The project TwiSt explores whether and how the impact of transfer could be measured qualitatively and quantitatively. Selected transfer activities of the DIPF will be tested with the composed indicators.

Project Description

In recent years, transfer activities of scientific institutions and their researchers have become increasingly important. But how does transfer of knowledge into society, politics, and practice actually take place? Is it possible to measure the impact of various transfer efforts? The TwiSt project explores the field of impact measurement of transfer by first investigating the current status of this topic, exchanging information with other research institutions, and compiling possible impact indicators. Range, altmetrics, accessibility of the target group, and dialogic transfer are some of the considered factors. By accompanying exemplarily selected transfer activities at the DIPF, the accuracy of fit and the informative value of the indicators are to be finally checked and a guideline for the measurement of transfer effects is to be drawn up.

Project Management

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08/2018 – 12/2020
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