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Im Wikiversum wirken

Working in the Wikiversum

An internal workshop will focus on how the digital holdings from BBF and DIPF in general can be more intensively used, linked and cited in Wikipedia and Wikidata sites, and how DIPF can offer technical support in this regard. An enhanced knowledge transfer to broader circles is thus intended. The workshop will moreover target the definition of impact indicators to render the knowledge transfer quantifiable and its development measurable.

Project Description

Many articles on Wikipedia offer links to openly accessible, digitized sources from the BBF – particularly to digitized personnel sheets for teachers in Prussia from the BBF archive and historical prints from the BBF text archive, Scripta Paedagogica Online (SPO). Texts that are published on pedDOCS, the Open Access Repository for electronic full texts in educational science and research, are also frequently cited. Via these links, DIPF adds momentum to its openly accessible services on the internet. The potential has not yet been exhaustively tapped.

Experts will run a workshop which will first of all assist staff at DIPF in finding ways of facilitating and improving the reception and linkage of digital documents from DIPF in Wikipedia and similar web services, to enforce transfer of historical and current knowledge of education.

So far, only latent knowledge exists concerning the usage of data that are provided by DIPF in Wikipedia and similar portals, and usage is not measurable. The second part of the workshop will thus be dedicated to introducing and assessing altmetrics approaches that are suitable for impact measurement. A subsequent definition of appropriate indicators will serve the measurement and documentation of effects in Wikipedia and similar platforms that can be achieved as the  production and delivery of digitized objects respectively digital documents is resource intensive.


The project was selected for funding following the DIPF internal competition “Transfer 2018” for the development of innovative transfer formats.

Project Management

Lars Müller

Project Team

Annett Krefft

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01/2018 – 12/2020
Department: BBF | Research Library for the History of Education
Contact: Lars Müller, Wissenschaftlicher Bibliothekar
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