Research Cooperations

Educational research at DIPF is highly networked. The Institute works closely together with national and international partners when dealing with challenges in education. In many co-operations, DIPF acts as the leading co-ordinator.


Education in Germany

Every two years, the National Report on Education delivers an empirical account of education in Germany, reaching from early childhood to adult education. Each report provides indicator-based information about the general conditions, features, results and output of education processes. It is prepared under the auspices of DIPF, in collaboration with four other cooperation partners.

Website: Education in Germany
National Report on Education

German Education Server

As a guide to educational information on the web, the German Education Server Deutscher Bildungsserver, DBS) offers curated information and internet resources to all interested parties from the field of education. Eduserver, the English language version of the DBS, provides access and background information regarding the German education system and its international context. The internet guide to education is a joint venture service provided by the federal government (Bund) and the federal states (Länder). It is jointly offered by DIPF and the Institute for Media in Education (Institut für Film und Bild in Wissenschaft und Unterricht). The coordinating office is located at DIPF.

Website: Eduserver

German Education Portal

The German Education Portal (Fachportal Pädagogik) offers literature, research data and instruments as well as collections of information regarding research on the history of education. Its services mainly address professionals in educational research and practice, and those interested in educational science. It is run by the Information Center for Education at DIPF.

Website: German Education Portal (available only in german)

Research Data Education Alliance

Together with GESIS (Leibniz-Institute for the Social Sciences) and the Institute for Quality in Education (IQB), DIPF operates the Verbund Forschungsdaten Bildung (Research Data Education Alliance). Together with other research data centres the alliance works to provide empirical educational researchers with services for the storage and re-usage of research data, providing an efficient and user-friendly research data infrastructure for empirical educational research. Researchers can register and make available their data and instruments in compliance with the law, make use of the studies and data provided and may opt for training and qualification in data management. Project coordination lies at DIPF. 

Website: Research Data Education Alliance

Open Educational Resources Information Centre OERinfo

Open Educational Resources (OER) are learning, teaching and research resources freely available on the internet. Subject to a sound legal framework, they can be shared, changed and relayed. In order to compile knowledge about OER, offer a platform for professional exchange and inform the public, the German Education Server, together with different partners, is in the process of launching the OER Information Centre OERinfo.

Website: Open Educational Resources Information Centre OERinfo (available only in german)

Other Cooperations

Education through Language and Writing (BiSS-Transfer)

In the programme Education Through Language and Writing (Bildung durch Sprache und Schrift, BiSS-Transfer), clusters of day-care facilities and schools work closely together in exchanging their experiences and proven measures of language development. Together with four other institutes, DIPF is a member of the BiSS-consortium. The Institute is, for example, in charge of developing a tool database which documents and evaluates diagnostic instruments and teaching materials.

Education through Language and Writing (BiSS-Transfer)

PISA international

The Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) assesses and compares the competencies of 15-year old students in reading, mathematics and the natural sciences. DIPF has contributed to PISA in different ways since 2009. The Institute is responsible for conceptualising, developing and assessing all questionnaires that will be used internationally in 2018.

Website: PISA am DIPF

Centre for International Student Assessment

The Centre for International Student Assessment (Zentrum für internationale Bildungsvergleichsstudien, ZIB) coordinates the PISA study activities in Germany as well as all German research on international comparative assessments of education. As a permanent member of the ZIB, DIPF contributes with its competency and experience with large scale assessments and its expertise in technology based assessment.

Website: Centre for International Student Assessment