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Attention. History – Theory –  Empiry

Attention. History – Theory – Empiry

The publication project aims at tapping the motive of attention from a historical, theoretical and empirical angle.

Project Description

Currently, attention is in many ways a topic of political, economic, aesthetical, psychological, medical and not least pedagogical discourse. From a historical perspective, we can observe how attention has changed as a motive of pedagogical reflection, how it appears as a condition to successful teaching and learning while at the same time it is produced as a moment of pedagogical settings.

Experience is conceived as having grown attentive, learning as participation in situations marked by shared attention and pedagogical actions as systematically guided direction of attention. A lack of attention - if it is treated as pathological - can call individual learning abilities into question.

The publication project was initiated in 2013 in an International Workshop held at the Research Library for the History of Education.

In 2015 „Aufmerksamkeit. Geschichte – Theorie – Empirie“ – edited by Professor Dr. Sabine Reh, Dr. Kathrin Berdelmann und Dr. Jörg Dinkelaker – was published by VS Springer.

Co-operation Partners

Dr. Jörg Dinkelaker (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt)

Project Management

Prof. Dr. Sabine Reh

Project Team

Dr. Kathrin Berdelmann

Project Details

Completed projects
10/2012 – 06/2015
Department: Research Library for the History of Education
Contact: Dr. Kathrin Berdelmann, Post-doc Researcher
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