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Exemplary Enhancement of the Eduserver Wiki "Climate Change" by Means of Semantic Technology

Co-operation project of the Eduserver, the Climate Service Center and the Hamburger Bildungsserver aiming at the implementation of semantic technology in the Wiki on "man-made climate change".

Project description

This co-operation project of the Eduserver, the Climate Service Center and the Hamburger Bildungsserver aims to add value to the Wiki on “man-made climate change“, for the benefit of the scientific community and didactic purposes of the already existing pool of knowledge resources. The Semantic MediaWiki platform used in this project integrates ideas on the collaborative creation and enhancement of contents including semantic structuring. The enrichment and structuring of Wiki contents by semantic annotations (so-called semantic markup, put into practice in the Wiki by typified links) opens up many possibilities regarding navigation, search and instructive knowledge presentation in the field of man-made climate change. This delivers a potentially twofold added value to the Wiki user community, i.e. the editors and authors of the Wiki in terms of the scientific community preparing and maintaining the Wiki contents, as well as the Wiki users who will have significant advantages in orientation and in tapping the subject domain. Options for visualising semantic relations allow for a descriptive illustration of facts concerning the topic of ”man-made climate change“. Users can thus be supported in developing a mental model appropriate for the representation of the subject domain: this offers didactic potential to the context of learning and instruction.


Project Management

Axel Kühnlenz

Project Details

Completed projects
03/2011 – 02/2013
Department: Information Center for Education
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