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Development of a Research Data Centre (RDC) Education: FDZ Bildung

By sustainably securing, indexing and providing user-friendly access to data and instruments from empirical educational research, the research data centre education (FDZ Bildung) at DIPF pursues the objective of enabling traceability of research processes and outcomes, assuring re-usage pursuant to regulated conditions.

Project description

In securing, preparing and providing relevant datasets and instruments, FDZ Bildung places a particular focus on school and instructional research. FDZ Bildung takes into account qualitative research data available as audio and video data, together with pertinent textual and numerical data (particularly transcripts, descriptions, coding, ratings), as well as quantitative assessment instruments (questionnaires, scales, tests).

Indexed contents are made accessible via a central repository and compliance to data protection legislation is ensured. The service is offered by the German Education Portal, it is accessible via:


Subject to a co-operation with the alliance for research data in education, FDZ Bildung runs the portal forschungsdaten-bildung.de, and further develops it into a meta information portal which brings together distributed collections of data from educational research, to create a comprehensive overview. Moreover, information and counselling services are offered concerning data management and data sharing.

In its work, FDZ Bildung considers criteria issued by the German council for social and economic data (Rat für Sozial- und Wirtschaftsdaten, RatSWD), and it was accredited by RatSWD in October 2012.

Following an initial project phase, FDZ Bildung was institutionalized and the service is now permanently offered by DIPF.


The project is funded by the general budget of the institute.


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1/2012 – 12/2012
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