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Disseminating and Continuing the SME Competence Book Across Hesse, by Participation of the Hessian Commissioner for Qualifications and Other Multipliers

Dissemination and Continuation of the SME Competence Book across Hesse, subject to participation of the Hessian commissioner for qualifications and other multipliers.

Project description

Within the framework of the project "Competence Book for SMEs”, (http://www.dipf.de/en/projects/kmu-kompetenzbuch), financed by the federal state of Hesse and the European Social Fund, the German Institute for International Educational Research (DIPF) and the Educational Institute of Industry and Commerce in Hesse (Bildungswerk der Hessischen Wirtschaft e.V., BWHW) developed, tested and evaluated a strengths-based instrument for structurally assessed competence diagnostics in small and medium enterprises (duration: November 1st , 009 until May 31st, 2011). This instrument allows employees and those responsible for staff development to define competence profiles of employees, by means of self and third-person evaluations, in a communicative validation based on staff interviews. Accordingly, decisions for requirement and development-oriented staff and knowledge management can be governed in a more qualified and better organised, objective way.
Six enterprises in Hesse put the competence book to a practical test. This resulted in a competence book that is now available in printed form, which meets scientific standards as well as the requirements of users regarding the assessment of competencies acquired by way of informal, non-formal and formal learning.
Regarding the dissemination and continual use of the instrument in Hesse, the following recommendations emerged from the research and development project which will be realised by late 2012, subject to an implementation project:

  • Setup of an institutionalised counselling structure in Hesse for personnel and knowledge management in SMEs;
  • Complementary contributions to the competence book for persons in charge of personnel, regarding different requirement situations, e.g. team building, , transfer of staff or recruitment of employees;
  • Support of in-company counsellung by persons in charge of personnel for the individual documentation of competencies regarding all types of learning experience in informal, non-formal and formal contexts;
  • Preparation of materials for setting up an individual competence profile in the process of communicative validation of staff interviews;
  • Development of graphically designed Information material for coaches and multipliers;
  • Development of a digital version of the competence book.

The sustainable implementation will particularly depend on successfully recruiting and gaining support from coaches and multipliers from the ranks of the Hessian Commissioner for Qualifications, chambers of industry and commerce, enterprises and advisory services.


The project receives funding from the operational programme for promoting competitiveness and
employment in the region of Hesse, financed by the Hessian Ministry of Economy, Transport and State Development, the European Union – European Social Fund, and participating partner enterprises.

Further Information

Follow the link to access the electronic version of the KMU.Kompetenzbuch

BWHW (Project management):

Jakob Huber
Dr. Cornelia Seitz

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