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Evaluation of the Buddy State Programmes in Hessen and Lower Saxony

The Buddy project is a programme that is based on the concept of "peer education", which is currently being implemented in several federal states. The programme aims to turn students into "good buddies", thus improving individual development as well as school climate.

Project description

The Buddy project is a programme developed on the basis of peer education, which is currently put into practice in state programmes in several federal states. The programme aims to turn pupils into “good buddys“, and thereby improve the individual development of the adolescents as well as the school climate.

By commission of the Vodafone foundation Germany and the Lower Saxony Ministry of Cultural Affairs and in co-operation with a working group headed by Prof. Dr. Harm Kuper, FU Berlin, the state programmes of Hesse and Lower Saxony are evaluated over a period of two years.

At the DIPF, the objective of the project concerns an analysis of development potentials regarding the participating students. This objective is pursued by means of a longitudinal survey based on a questionnaire, with two time points of measurement, which integrates as many participants as possible. The random sample consists of youths who are directly involved in the Buddy project as well as youths who do not participate in it. Apart from the subjective acceptance and perception of the Buddy opportunities, central constructs of the study concern different characteristics of personality and features that characterise the climate in the school class and the school as a whole respectively. Furthermore, individual Buddy projects at particular schools are accompanied more closely, in order to complement findings from the longitudinal studies by case studies.

More information about the Buddy-Programme www.buddy-ev.de


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Buhl, Monika & Lindner, Daniela (2009): Zeitperspektiven im Jugendalter. Messung, Profile und Zusammenhänge mit Persönlichkeitsmerkmalen und schulischem Erleben. Diskurs Kindheits- und Jugendforschung, in press.


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06/2007 – 03/2010
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