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In Depth Comparison of School Systems of Selected States Participating in PISA

Chaired by DIPF, this project aimed at explaining the reasons underlying differences in student achievement in the school systems of Western industrialised countries that had, for example, emerged in the PISA studies. Based on a set of given criteria, experts from school effectiveness research in six states analysed and comparatively assessed school systems and pedagogical practices.

Project description

This research project was conducted as a comparative study on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Education (BMBF) by a national consortium co-ordinated by the DIPF with the aim of clarifying the background of achievement differences among western industrial states as revealed in the PISA study, for instance. In cooperation with experts of research on school effectiveness in six countries (Canada, England, Finland, France, Netherlands, Sweden) the respective school systems and educational practices were examined and analysed comparatively according to pre-determined criteria.


Scientific project partners in Germany

Project partners in compared countries

Project Team

Prof. Dr. Eckhard Klieme

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2002 – 2003
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