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Indexing of Records From the German Society for Educational Science DGfE

Indexing of Records From the German Society for Educational Science DGfE

The German Research Foundation (DFG) is funding a project to index the written material of the executive board of the German Society for Educational Science (DGfE) from 1963 to 2010. The documents will be processed according to archival standards and recorded in the online database of the BBF archive, thus the material will be made accessible to researchers and the general public.

Project Description

After 1945, university members and lecturers from pedagogical colleges were at first united in two separate organizations. The Conference of West German University Pedagogues convened between 1952 and 1967 to discuss issues concerning the establishment of the discipline at universities. In parallel, a working group was founded for pedagogical college members in 1951 (Working Group of Pedagogical Colleges, or Conference of Pedagogical Colleges since 1966). In 1963, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Erziehungswissenschaft (DGfE) was founded by members of the Conference of West German University Pedagogues, together with some members of the Working Group of Pedagogical Colleges, officially constituted in 1964, which is today the largest society in the field of educational science in Germany. At the time, educational science had not been established as a discipline in its own right but allocated to the faculties of philosophy or assigned to non-university institutions. Against this background, the role of the DGfE was fundamental.

In 2010, the DGfE submitted its written material to the BBF archive, corresponding to more than 50 running meters. Besides the establishment of the society, the documents mainly reflect work processes of a science association with different sections and work groups, e.g. conferences, publications, co-operations and public relations activities.


The project is funded by the DFG, Program for Scientific Library Services and Information Systems (LIS)

Project Management

Dr. Bettina Reimers

Project Team

Caterina Otto

Project Details

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11/2016 – 10/2019
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Department: BBF | Research Library for the History of Education
Contact: Caterina Otto, Member of Staff
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