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Information needs and use of information in web searches for instructional purposes

This doctoral project focuses on procedures in searching information on the internet that is relevant to planning lessons, as well as exploring which web services and types of information are relevant to which tasks in preparing lessons and how they are used.

This doctoral project focuses on different aspects of searching information on the internet that bears relevance to planning lessons. The internet provides diverse information services targeting teachers, or concerning specific matters that are relevant for instructional contexts. Initially, the project will aim to clarify which tasks concerning the preparation of lessons invoke information needs, which type of information service is suitable for a particular concern, and which characteristics of found content are significant. In this regard, different aspects of search preferences, possible social interactions and characteristics of relevant information need to be taken into account. Usage of information that bears relevance to lessons in the given context of a task is also addressed. The thesis refers to data from different domain-specific search environments, e.g. discussion forums, education servers and a social bookmarking service. It will thus be possible to address the diversity of relevant internet services. The data will be examined using qualitative content analyses. In a subsequent step, teachers will be interviewed to give more profound insights and discuss the findings.


The project is funded by the general budget of the Institute.

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5/2010 – 5/2015
Department: Information Center for Education
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